Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Story of Pig & Goose

Bacon is a 4 month-old potbelly pig and Jacqueline is a month-old baby Chinese crested goose.
Bacon lived indoors for his first couple weeks with us, and only went outside to go to the bathroom.  Believe it or not, it was actually easier to train Bacon to go outside than it was to train any of my dogs.  He also knows "sit," but will only do it if you've got an especially delicious offering for him in your hand.
Unfortunately, Bacon got kind of lonely.  So, we got him Jacqueline as a playmate.  Jacqueline and Bacon were scared of each other for about a day, and then decided to be friends.  In fact, she started to cry whenever she couldn't see him, and he would start to panic and look for her when he heard her cry.
As a result, Bacon and Jacqueline got moved outside, because you can housebreak a pig, but you can't housebreak a goose.
And, now Jacqueline follows Bacon around EVERYWHERE.  Once, Bacon got upset and ran back and forth across his pen, and Jacqueline followed so closely after him that she got trampled every time he turned around.
She'll also make these "calling" noises when he's not within eyesight, and the two of them curl up and sleep together at night.

Talk about an odd couple!!

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