Thursday, September 8, 2011

See the Summer Haul!

Well, it's been a while since I updated, and I thought I might as well start with something that I haven't really posted much about... plants!

Yes, we have those too!

We actually have a few raised beds as well, but those were seeded with lettuces and herbs like cilantro.  Since it's pretty late in the summer, they've mostly sprouted beyond the edible stage.

As for the rest of the family farm, the weather has been really strange this season, so we've had some plants that grew and others that failed completely.

Our three bumper crops this year have been zucchini, cucumbers, and yellow Asian melons (sometimes called honey yellow melons).  We've had so many, we've had to give them away in boxes, and the zucchini have been growing to giant proportions!

The melons, on the other hand, were fruiting well but not ripening because it just hasn't been hot enough.  In fact, we thought they might not ripen at all before fall hit.

But, the last week has turned sweltering and steamy, which means...

That's right!  Baskets of these delicious yellow goodies.  For those of you who have never tried these, they're sort of a cross between cucumbers and a really crisp honeydew.  

The sudden heat has been good for the chilies too, I think, since where there were none, there are suddenly bunches!

The one plant that hasn't been doing well are my blueberries.  I planted two types:  First, a highbush blueberry (who's name I don't recall).

This one has been doing okay, though I wish it would do better.  I'm a little afraid of what winter will do to it.

And, second, a Chippewa blueberry bush, which has been doing rather poorly.

I feel like this one won't survive the winter, though I'll do my best to keep it alive!  

Speaking of winter, can you believe it's right around the corner, which brings up another dilemma... where, oh where, will we get enough hay to keep all the plants and animals warm??

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